1. Church Planting and Preaching The Gospel

We are committed in preaching the Gospel to the unreached people in India. Since the year 2016 we share the gospel to non believers of Jesus Christ in different parts of India. By the grace of Almighty God, in the year 2017, Mongaldai Community Church  was planted in Mongaldai Town under the leadership of founder Evan. Seithang Titus Singson. This town is DHQ in Darrang District of Assam.  In the begining of the church there was only one family. However, today there are morethan five families and tweenty believers in this Mongaldai Community Church.   God also bless us with another worker Mr. Praveen in 2018 from Banswara district in Rajasthan. 

2. Evangelism

a. Sunday School 

We are nurturing our children with the word of God in our church. Telling the stories of heroes of faith from the Bible. In 2018 there were five sunday school students. we are expecting more students to come and attend sunday school in 2019. 

b. Giving a Gifts

Giving daily needs for the poor people is our most desire activites. Every year We give out morethan 200 bundles of bread in a week. A kilo of Cakes and blanket is given to the needy and  sick people in the hospital on the day of New Year, Good Friday and Christmas Day.

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