Eternal Hope Ministry India (EHMI) has been doing Charity Gifts to the unreached people in India. Eternal Hope Ministry India (EHMI) targeted East West Corridor to spread the Gospel in India. EHMI is an interdenominational Mission Agency. It was founded on the day of Pentecost- 4th June, 2017 by Evangelist Rev. Seithang (Titus) Singson, by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We serve and witnesses our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ through charity gifts and sharing the Gospel to other faith communities. We are motivated with a vision call “Gigantic Soul Harvesting-2050” under the theme of “looking to Jesus the founder and perfecter of our Faith” Hebrew 12: 2 (ESV). Eternal hope is our message to every people in the mission field. At present 59 newly believers are added into the community of Jesus Christ from Rajasthan, Banswara Mission field. Our Missionaries are Evan. Pravin, Evan. Makanlal, Evan. Surendra. 

(  Blancket for this abandone woman.)

(Gift dedication by Evan. Seithang Titus Singson)