Vision and Mission

EHMI vision,“Gigantic Soul Harvesting: 2050.” Since 2017 strategically we proclaimed and spread the Gospel in the areas of East-West Corridor in the Indian Sub-continent. This areas are Assam and West Bengal in the North East of India. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madya Pradesh in Central India. Rajasthan and Gujarat in the west India. The people of India popularly call these areas as EAST WEST CORRIDOR.

EHMI core Missions are Evangelism and Church Planting. As of now EHMI established two mission field in East West Corridor. Rajasthan in The North Western India and the other is Assam in the North Eastern India. 

Evan.Pravin Bhurya , Evan. Makanlal Khihuri and Evan. Surendra are from Rajasthan Field cross culture missionary and the Founding Evangelist of EHMI Evangelist Seithang (Titus) Singson and family is the cross culture missionary to Assam Mission Field. We have a gigantic challenge to send the missionaries to fill up the mission field and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to harvest many lost soul in our strategic mission field.